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1. Industrial automation: drive system and components, mechanical infrastructure, induction technology, control system, industrial computer equipment, industrial automation software, interface technology and energy supply, low voltage switching device, human-machine interface device, fluid power, mechanical transmission. Parts and manufacturing equipment, bearings. Springs and fasteners, industrial communications, education and training;

2. Intelligent robot: complete industrial robot, the overall solution suitable for industry application, core components, service robot, special robot;

3. Digital industrial technology: basic software and system-oriented software, task-specific software and solutions, industry-specific software and solutions, industry-specific automation software solutions, cloud and industrial IT services, digital factory services, additive manufacturing, Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet;

4. Robot vision technology: intelligent camera, acquisition card. Board card, image processing. Machine vision software package, camera accessories, light source, auxiliary products, image processing system, machine vision integrated digital factory;

5. CNC machine tools and metal processing: additive manufacturing, metal cutting processes, metal forming processes, software and systems, automation and robotics, tools. Measuring tools. Fixtures, testing;

6. Laser and intelligent equipment, optoelectronic technology: laser and optoelectronics, optical and production technology, laser processing equipment and systems;

7. Innovative technical materials: material application exhibition area, material property exhibition area, industrial park and others;

8. Information technology and technology: industrial Internet, digital factory, new flat panel display;

9. Energy saving and industrial supporting technology: energy saving technology, industrial cleaning and dust-proof and explosion-proof technology, surface treatment technology, core basic parts and supporting equipment.

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