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1. Pet food: pet food, pet snacks, etc.;

2. Pet supplies: pet clothing, pet appliances, pet cages, pet toys, pet care products, pet grooming supplies, pet training supplies, etc.;

3. Aquarium products and equipment: aquarium tank, aeration equipment, heating rod, filter, lamps, fish feed, medicine, aquatic plants, landscape, sink sand, accessories, etc.;

4. Crawling and amphibious: all kinds of crawling and amphibious pets, aquariums, feed, etc.;

5. Pet medical care: pet medical equipment, pet health supplies, pet vaccines, pet medicines, pet hospitals, etc.

6. Bird supplies: ornamental birds, aviaries, fodder, medicine, etc.

7. Horticultural products: outdoor fountain, fish pond, garden sculpture, rockery, artificial lawn, pavilion, waterfall, garden furniture, recreational camping and other facilities;

8. Equestrian products: horse feed and nutrition products, health care products, medicines, beauty products, saddle saddle pad, REINS, stable equipment, related artworks, etc.;

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