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1. Customized Home Furnishing: Customized Home Furnishing, Customized Closet, Bookcase and Sliding Door for the whole house; A complete set of furniture solid wood products, wood floors, wooden stairs; Related accessories and materials: woodworking machinery, product design software, engineering software, etc.;

2. Large range of ground pavement materials; All kinds of ceramic tile, wood floor;

3. Sanitary ware Ceramics Department;

4. Large department of kitchen equipment and accessories;

5. Integrated household system;

6. Large wardrobe and overall wardrobe system;

7. Large doors and Windows; Aluminum doors and Windows, doors and Windows systems, solid wood doors, garage doors; Aluminum profiles, doors and Windows professional accessories, doors and Windows machinery, complete sets of wooden doors production and processing equipment; Door auxiliaries; Shading system, technical fabric and fabric engineering, drive and control system;

8. Architectural decoration hardware; Architectural hardware, door locks and accessories, biometric products, door control hardware and accessories, automatic doors and components, window system hardware, curtain wall system and accessories, glass hardware, clothes hangers and components, partition and accessories, decorative hardware, furniture hardware, etc.;

9. Decorative glass. Moving doors. The revolving door;

10. Ceiling and ceiling system;

11. Wallpaper, fabric and accessories; Wall. Wallpaper, wallcloth, home textile cloth, soft bags, leather, leather carving, diatomaceous mud, wallpaper glue, wallpaper tools, wallpaper production machinery and equipment, curtains, ornaments, picture frames, etc.;

12. Stair technology and supporting facilities; Combination stair, integral stair, craft stair, antique stair, metal craft stair, custom stair;

13. Architectural decorative lighting; LED, home lighting, commercial lighting, professional lighting, lighting, etc.;

14. Architectural coatings and chemical building materials; Wall. Waterproof. Floor coating, coating additives, coating packaging materials; Dry mortar; Adhesives, admixtures, auxiliaries, construction adhesives, tapes, sealants, antirust materials, waterproof materials, technologies and related equipment; Brushing tools, etc.;

15. Department of stone and horticulture;

16. New building decoration materials;

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