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1. Glass products and applications: building and building processing glass products (float, rolled, embossed and slotted glass, ultra-white and body colored glass, toughened glass, laminated glass, curtain wall glass, safety glass, fireproof glass, coated glass, etc.); Architectural decorative glass (color printed glass, glazed glass, painted glass, mirror glass, glass bricks, glass tiles, glass mosaics, etc.); Energy-saving glass doors and Windows and accessories (all kinds of glass and surface modified glass combination of hollow glass, vacuum glass, all kinds of doors and Windows profiles and accessories and energy-saving glass doors and Windows parts); Industrial glass (safety glass, anti-frost glass, instrument glass, instrument glass, signal glass, glass tube, etc.); Glassware (tableware, cooking utensils, household utensils, craft utensils, etc.); Bottle glass (packaging glass for cans, beverages, wine, cosmetics, etc.); Electronic glass (display, substrate glass, etc.); High-tech special glass (quartz glass, laser glass, electromagnetic shielding glass, photoconductive glass and optical fiber, microcrystalline glass, heat-resistant borosilicate glass, bioglass, foam glass, etc.); Art glass (Mosaic, painting and engraving, sandblasting, laser engraving, painting and other cold processing technology made of glass, blowing, casting, pressing, sintering, lamination, hot melt, hot bending and other hot processing technology made of all kinds of art glass); New energy glass (glass-based photoelectric conversion and photothermal conversion of new energy glass, substrate manufacturing, modification and device processing technology); Vitreous furniture;

2. Special Glass: One-way perspective, high pressure resistance, high temperature resistant glass, fire glass, wave soldering, oven glass, through uv glass, optical glass, new energy, automotive glass, cobalt blue glass, laser protective glass, electric welding protective glass, glass tube, high alumina, aluminum silicate glass, ceramic, glass, quartz glass, glass-ceramics, high borosilicate glass, coated glass , electronic glass, laser glass, electromagnetic shielding glass, electric control color changing glass, fireproof glass, pipe mirror, hollow glass, toughened glass, wire glass, bulletproof glass, explosion-proof glass, anti-ultraviolet glass, infrared glass and other industrial and special glass;

3. Glass manufacturing technology and equipment: raw material picking, breaking and crushing, purification, tailings recovery technology, mixing material weighing and mixing equipment, mixing material pressing, forming, preheating and conveying system; All kinds of kiln design, liquid glass melting and homogenization technology, crucible, feeding passage and baking kiln, feeding and feeding machine and other equipment; Combustion technology: total oxygen, enriched oxygen, partial total oxygen and low NOx combustion technology; Burning devices such as spray guns and nozzles, other energy-saving technologies and equipment, etc.; Melting furnace flue gas treatment technology and equipment, waste gas 3R technology, SCR, SNCR and other denitration technology; Molding equipment: drawing, calendering, wire clamping, tin slot, drawing machine, line machine, press, pressure blowing machine, pipe drawing machine, wire drawing machine, mold, etc.; Annealing kiln system and supporting instruments and meters; Glass and products cutting and sorting, transportation, paper laying, stacking, packing, storage and other cold end equipment; On-line automatic monitoring and control systems and devices; Physical and chemical properties testing instruments for raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products; Recycling of by-products and waste heat, purification of waste gas and waste water, environmental protection facilities, etc.; Industrial gas preparation technology; Robots with various functions; Automatic plant and workshop management system;

4. Glass processing technology and equipment: all kinds of cutting, edging, drilling, carving, sandblasting, cleaning and other processing machinery; Reinforcement, hot bending, sandwich, coating, hollow, mirror making, printing, doors and Windows and other production equipment and control system; Glass surface grinding and polishing equipment; Abrasives, cutting tools and other glassworking appliances;

5. Refractory materials, raw materials and various main and auxiliary materials: refractories for glass kilns and supporting technologies; Mineral and chemical raw materials preparation, purification technology and products; Glass surface of various grinding, polishing, etching, sanding, activation and other materials; Related polymers, film, resin, sealant, binder, desiccant, lubricant, coolant, silver paste, etc.; Related metals, precious metals and products; All kinds of coatings, colorants, pigments, etc.

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