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Cloud International seasoning, Ingredients and Food Additives Exhibition


1. The development of Internet technology gave birth to Cloud Exhibition Union

In March 2015, "Internet Plus" was included in the government work report. It has become a major national initiative and is of great significance for accelerating institutional reform, implementing the innovation-driven strategy, and building the "twin engines" of mass entrepreneurship and innovation and increasing public goods and services supply. In July 2015, The State Council issued the Guidance on Actively Promoting the "Internet Plus" action, which clearly identified 11 key action areas, including "Internet Plus" innovation and entrepreneurship, collaborative manufacturing, modern agriculture and e-commerce, as development directions. Internet technology has greatly entered into people's production and life, the momentum of development is in the ascendant.


In the spring of 2020, virus swept through most provinces and cities in China. The government decree to fight against Corona virus fell into effect and all industries stopped production. Chinese people suffered huge losses in order to fight against Corona virus. In this special period, the Internet industry has played a key role, greatly solved the problems of people's life, while satisfied the rapid circulation of goods. At this time, Internet technology has become a part of people's work and life. In this particular environment, Cloud Exhibition Union was born in China.


2. Advantages of Cloud Exhibition Union

Cloud Exhibition Union covers the global industry chain on the cloud exhibition platform. As a modern exhibition innovation service model, Cloud Exhibition Union has the following advantages:


2.1. Free from time constraints, Cloud Exhibition Union is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to create fully displaying and developing opportunities for the majority of companies, break the limitation of most offline exhibitions that only held for 3 days.


2.2. No matter you are from China or even anywhere in the world, Cloud Exhibition Union will be with you for business global development, negotiation, cooperation and innovation around the world.


2.3. Cloud Exhibition Union charges low fees. Cloud Exhibition Union is committed to building an advantageous platform for online exhibition and only charges an affordable fee for the exhibitors.


2.4. Cloud Exhibition Union builds cloud media to assist clients to expand publicity, enhance brand value and enhance brand reputation.


2.5. Cloud Exhibition Union will establish more communication platforms to provide match making services for the clients. We organize forums and meetings to provide cooperation and exchange opportunities for companies. We will offer award activities to increase the output.


2.6. Cloud Exhibition Union has set up 100 large-scale exhibition projects on cloud (including more than 1,500 small projects), with a total of 4,800 project halls, more than 1.5 million online standard booths, and more than 10,000 online advertising spaces. Number of professional visitors (VIP members) of each project can reach 2 million. The total area of exhibition halls of the Cloud Exhibition Union is equivalent to more than 20 million square meters of offline exhibitions, which is more than twice the total area of offline exhibitions in operation in China at present. The powerful volume will certainly bring huge business opportunities for exhibitors at home and abroad.

3. Cloud International seasoning, Ingredients and Food Additives Exhibition to the majority of businesses is not only an exhibition


Cloud International seasoning, Ingredients and Food Additives Exhibition is one of the Union's brands of cloud exhibitions. It has18 exhibition halls, a total of 5,184 online standard booths, 66 advertisement spaces. The organizing committee uses the intelligent service, wisdom marketing plan, makes the exhibition based on offline shows and transcend offline shows, really realize the cloud exhibition, cloud visiting, cloud interaction, cloud negotiation, cloud contract signing, etc. Cloud Sugar and Wine Exhibition offers affordable and comprehensive service, upgraded opportunities for enterprises, helps enterprises save more than 90% of their costs, at the same time realizes the offline exhibit more than 90% of participants cannot meet the demands at offline shows. The organizing committee aims to build a pragmatic, efficient, complete and never ending brand event.


Cloud International seasoning, Ingredients and Food Additives Exhibition to the majority of businesses is not only the exhibition, but also a dream for enterprise development.

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