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About Us

Cloud Exhibition Union is an online exhibition platform of the whole industrial chain facing the whole world that Beijing Yongfeng Digital Technology Co., Ltd. independently designed and launched in response to the development trend of online exhibition.


The platform uses big data, Internet and other modern technical means to realize various service functions such as cloud exhibition, cloud live broadcast, cloud conference, cloud match-making, cloud negotiation and cloud contract signing. The platform has most of the service functions of offline exhibitions, and has the new advantage of online exhibition, which breaks the limitation of time and space of offline exhibitions and provides customers with innovative marketing services.


The platform has a total of 100 large-scale exhibition projects online (including more than 1,500 small projects), a total of 4,800 project pavilions, more than 1.5 million standard online booths, more than 10,000 online advertising spaces, and 200 million professional visitors (VIP members). The total area of the platform pavilions are equivalent to more than 20 million square meters of offline pavilions, twice the total area of offline pavilions in China.


The platform also has forum meetings, awards, business match-making and other services. Relying on Yongfeng Digital-Media Business Unit, enterprises can hold cloud conference on the platform, and the video window of exhibition page can broadcast live or even sell goods. Every year, the platform will organize offline forum meetings to invite authoritative experts and leaders of various industries to evaluate and award the exhibitors, so as to build a high-level industry exchange platform.


The platform will hold large-scale lucky draw activities for VIP members and exhibitors of the year, and provide lucky draw bonuses for winning enterprises. "Participation is to earn, come to have a chance", Cloud Exhibition Union, accompany with you all the way!