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As a modern online exhibition form, Cloud Exhibition Union eliminates the participation of fake products, and strengthens the intellectual property protection of participating products and brands at the same time. How to protect intellectual property rights, the organizing committee makes the following explanation:


1. Intellectual property is a kind of "information property right". In a sense, it is the legal protection of the information that meets the legal conditions. The core of e-commerce is data information. Among the four "flows" that constitute e-commerce, information flow is the most basic and essential part. As a large part of the information flow of e-commerce, the data information can be directly protected by intellectual property law as trade secrets. And the solidification and expression of data information can be protected by copyright and other rights in the form of literary works, computer software, database, etc.


2. Enhance the awareness of intellectual property protection. Abide by the relevant international conventions on intellectual property protection and China's laws and regulations, abide by the general rules of international trade, and abide by the contracts and commitments on intellectual property protection between enterprises. We respect the intellectual property rights of others and pay attention to the protection of our own.


3. Improve the independent innovation mechanism of enterprises and actively carry out independent innovation activities. Only by developing key technologies and core technologies with independent intellectual property rights and owning more independent intellectual property rights in the field of an enterprise, can it get rid of the weak status of being controlled by others, gain economic competitiveness and enjoy international influence respected by others. Therefore, it is necessary to speed up the formulation of enterprises' intellectual property strategy, and improve enterprises' ability to create, apply and protect intellectual property while learning from others.


4. In the exhibition activities, we shall strictly handle the affairs according to law. Not infringing the intellectual property rights of others; Do not embezzle other's patented technology; Do not manufacture, use, sell or disseminate fake products; Do not steal or copy others' trademarks, product logos or designs.


5. The organizing committee firmly fights against the illegal activities that infringe others' intellectual property rights, encourages exhibitors to report the illegal activities involve intellectual property rights, and actively cooperate with the government to do a good job in curbing, investigating and cracking down on the illegal activities on intellectual property rights.


6. We actively participate in social activities to publicize and protect intellectual property rights, and work together with all sectors of society to promote the healthy development of intellectual property rights. We should fulfill our social responsibilities related to intellectual property, enhance the awareness of intellectual property protection in the whole society, and make contributions to promoting the development of intellectual property protection in China.


7. The Organizing Committee has set up a working group on intellectual property protection, adopting the policy of early knowing and early handling of intellectual property infringement, and making efforts to build a better online exhibition platform.


8. If the infringement of intellectual property rights during the exhibition is verified, the organizing committee will immediately cancel their participation qualification and VIP membership.