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Service System

1. Project Department:

The organizing committee is committed to building an one-stop online exhibition service platform for the whole industry chain in the world. At present, 100 exhibition projects (including 1500-200 sub-projects) will be held at the same time, and 1-1.5 million online standard booths will be provided for companies to attend.

2. Advertising Department:

The organizing committee releases relevant advertising sites on the second pages (exhibition hall layout page) and the third pages (booth layout page) of Cloud Exhibition Union. The platform can provide more than 20,000 advertising spaces at the same time for the promotion of the majority of businesses.

3. Yongfeng Media:

Yongfeng Media is an online media platform created by Beijing Yongfeng Digital Technology Co., Ltd. for the development of online culture, which meets the requirements of Cloud Exhibition Union’s exhibition page construction, advertising production and releasing, online conferences, micro-film shooting and releasing, etc.

4. Financial Center:

Payments and issuing invoices.

5. Design Center:

Responsible for the production of exhibitors' displaying pages (basic pages).

6. Technical Center:

Responsible for website’s coordination and revision;

Responsible for uploading marketing materials;

Clients’ exhibiting page Technical support.

7. Customer Service Center

Deal with the problems raised by exhibitors and visitors.

8. Editing Center:

Responsible for the website news section copy writing and editing, responsible for the relevant enterprises or individuals to interview and report.

9. Marketing Department:

Marketing the platform.

10. Human Resource Centre:

Responsible for recruitment of talents at all levels for Cloud Exhibition Union.